Without the medicine and without the basics of chemistry, biochemistry and physiology, without the knowledge of the human anatomy and the results of scientific research, many diseases can be neither avoided nor remedied.

Still many health disorders and diseases can be treated with a holistic therapy where not only the symptoms can be controlled, but also the disease is seen as a disruption of the harmonious balance between body and soul. The big advantage: this “gentle” treatment methods are mostly free of side effects. The small disadvantage: the costs are not always covered by health insurance. Just ask us – we will advise you.

We offer the following naturopathic treatment processes and programs, their use is always dependent on the individual predisposition and the clinical picture:


Defense increase

Intestinal rehabilitation / microbiological therapy


Medicinal herbs (European)


The homeopathic treatment follows the principle Similia similibus curentur – similar is cured by similar, after Hahnemann (1755-1843), the founder of homeopathy in Germany.

Homeopathy is to be understood as a stimulus-response therapy. The homeopathic remedy sets a specific stimulus, the body responds with a mobilization of self-healing powers and thereby the restoration of one’s own, healthy balance.
Homeopathic remedies use herbal, animal and mineral substances in differently potentiated forms. The spectrum of action of a substance can be determined by drug tests at the healthy state. By using a homeopathic medicine, according to Hahnemann, a gentle (low-side effect), fast and lasting healing can be achieved.
Both in acute, e.g. influenza infections, earache, infections of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as chronic diseases, e.g. fatigue, susceptibility to infections, allergies, hay fever, asthma, atopic dermatitis, chronic indigestion, headache and migraine for all homeopathic treatments have been successfully applied.

During the treatment please no zinc ointments or treatment with cortisone and a notification in case of treatments with antibiotics. Also coffee, camphor and menthol should be avoided.

Neural therapy

Neural therapy (with procaine) – is used for the treatment of pain and interference fields. The therapy is based on injection of local anesthetics to track disease and alleviate pain.

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