Welcome to Neukölln

die neukoelln praxis introduces itself
Find out about our varied range of treatments in the areas of general medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy.

We are available every day for your concerns in the practice. Due to the vaccination campaign, the more time-consuming procedure regarding distance compliance as well as the time-consuming implementation of various digital applications, we are currently less available by telephone.

If you need a prescription or a referral, please feel free to drop it in our mailbox. You can pick it up 2 days later (if you have a prepaid envelope we will also send it to you)

Please contact us with confidence – even if you want to know how you can become proactive in order to maintain your health.

Dear Patients,
from Dec. 15th ’22 from 12h to 1.1.23 our praxis will be closed.
Only for case of emergencies, the following praxis will be available:

Rogge / Dietze
Morusstraße 16A,
12053 Berlin
Tel.: 030 6899960.

Please note that emergencies can only be admitted during the time of
9 – 11h.
Patients with flue-like symptoms / infectious diseases are required to register by telephone first.

In all other cases, please contact the medical emergency service, Tel.: 030/ 116 117

We are wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a happy new year.

Corona vaccination information