Traditional Medicine

Our practice offers the full range of general medical, primary care according to the principles of medical education, which has been developed in colleges and universities through research and studies. All examinations and medications we choose carefully together with you.

In addition to ECG and pulmonary function test, we offer various examinations for the purpose of health care, such as vaccinations, health check-up, the skin screening for early detection of skin lesions and laboratory tests.
The national health insurance covers all insured aged 35 and above every three years a basic examination where in addition to an examination of the entire body some blood values are measured. Our recommendation: Please participate in this examination, it can detect many disorders at an early stage which can often be remedied quickly. We will advise you on further tests and examinations.


the so-called electro-cardiography: the electrical activity of the heart is recorded in the form of curves. With the help of an ECG cardiac arrhythmia or circulatory disorders of the heart muscle can be detected.

Lung function test

Spirometry: this measures how fast and how much air you can breathe in and out. This examination is particularly recommended for athletes, for smokers and for all, where there is a suspicion of a change in lung function. The examination is not painful and is accompanied by our medical staff.

Long-term blood pressure measurement

In a long-term blood pressure measurement, the blood pressure is measured regularly over a period of 24 hours and a blood pressure profile is created. The principle of operation of a long-term blood pressure measurement is the same as that of an ordinary blood pressure measurement. In a long-term blood pressure measurement, blood pressure is measured every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night. A device measures these values and stores them.

Skin screening

is covered by the health insurance since 2008 for insured at age 35 and above and involves examination of the entire skin surface which will be carried out by specially trained physicians. The examination can detect skin cancer at an early stage and is painless. If an unusual change of the skin is detected there will be a transfer to a dermatologist.

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